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Build Advocacy.

prezent will help your business engage customers by using electronic voucher technology. Generating word of mouth impact about your product or service and build advocacy effectively.

How electronic


make a


Emotional marketing

Sometimes the reason people buy a product or service is merely because of their emotional state, by giving electronic vouchers and deals will increase their emotional perception to your brand.


When a customer received an electronic voucher, we can identify their interest based on what voucher they redeemed, what type of product, where did they redeemed it, and when did they redeemed it.

High engagement

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Generating customer engagement have never been easier by giving free electronic vouchers based on what their interest are.

Our Solutions



Keep your customer loyal by using electronic vouchers for a comprehensive reports in order to make the right decision.

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To have a good employee engagement strategy, to care for them, and to looks out what is best for your employees.

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Top performers need challenges, they don’t see the world flat. We will help you keep them happy and motivated.

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Already have a voucher strategy? Go digital with our technology and get a full report about your performance.

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prezent has all the tools you need for developing vouchers strategy by utilizing the technology we developed and real business cases strategized by our leading experts in the business. You will easily manage electronic voucher distribution.

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