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Generate couraging behaviour for your top performers is important to leverage your business, they need to be motivated with the right recognition.
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What our
incentive program

Creating positive vibes in the workplace or good connection with business partners are the outcome of what prezent incentive program. By appreciating performance to top performers will inspire them to do their best. However it is not always about the cool stuff, sometimes a simple thank you can be the best way to recognize what people do. Using seamless experience electronic voucher in prezent will help how you say thank you in the right way.

Encourage for success

Incentive plans that reward performance to reach pre-established goals will provide encouragement.

Recognize what they do

Recognition comes in many ways. prezent has various interesting merchants that can be mapped based on what recognition you need. Whether to recognize employee performance or simple saying thank you to your business partners.

Reward the right way

prezent e-voucher can help you reward in the right way by understanding about your top performer interests.

Types of incentives for
your business

Employee Incentive

Employee Incentive


Recognize your team effort to create positive behaviour in the workplace for inspiring all team member

Partner Incentive

Partner Incentive


Saying thank you to your business partners, resellers, retailers, affiliate partners, or anyone important to you

Sales Incentive

Sales Incentive


Aiming for success drives your business forward, so help your team to get there with this incentive plans

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